Saturday, December 12, 2015


Hi there! Welcome to my blog! This blog serves as my final project for Contemporary Media Theory at Barnard College. In the spirit of the class, I am choosing to do an unconventional digital project for my final in an attempt to use the media I will be writing about as a means of explaining this type of media. I will be writing about fashion bloggers and use several of our readings as well as some outside sources and articles to discuss what fashion bloggers do, why they are successful and how this changes communications and media.


I also wanted to provide some background information on myself and my experience with both fashion and media. I transferred to Barnard after my freshman year, as I knew it would give me incredible opportunities and access to the worlds of fashion, media and art. I have had three internships that combine fashion and digital platforms at CollegeFashionista, Nylon, and These experiences have allowed me to develop skills in trend-spotting, fashion news writing and writing in a voice that matches the tone of each specific brand. I also have my own personal style blog, Keep Calm and Chiffon, which has existed on many different hosting sites (Tumblr, Blogger and now Squarespace) since 2010. Having this blog has given me personal experience with many online platforms as well as figuring out what audiences respond to and what they don't.